Summary of recommended evidence for QA audits of DECs

Data file and/or OR Calc (or equivalent for other software) Data Collection forms relating to information used by a DEC assessor to calculate an OR, which allows the Scheme QA assessors to assess the accuracy of the DEC against each data entry associated with OR software.
Floor plan.
Site notes and other documentary evidence - paper or electronic fileĀ 

Recommended photographic and documentary evidence for existing premises (where accessible)

  • Aerial view of building from Google maps or similar that clearly identifies the building its orientation and site boundaries.
  • Evidence of LZC technologies.
  • Presence of metering and sub metering.
  • Any other key features of the building or limitation whose presence or absence may affect the OR rating or which would be required to support any claim made in the Advisory Report that could be subsequently queried or be the subject of a complaint.
  • Evidence required to justify the suppression or inclusion of standard recommendations in the Advisory Report.
  • Any other evidence required to justify the inclusion of a bespoke recommendation in the Advisory Report.
  • Other information to justify approach taken to DEC and Advisory Report production.