Summary of recommended evidence for QA audits of ACIRs

• Pdfs of your certificate and report

• The 2 xml files for the case (the project xml file and the lodged xml file)

• Site Notes, including anything used in the production of the report, for example:

      1. Confirming data input or decision making that cannot be substantiated by other sources of evidence
      2. Reflective thought, hand calculations, or amendments to recommendations (identifying building age, construction, assessing primary heating system etc), which is not provided through other sources of evidence Site notes should be signed and dated by the assessor.

• Contemporaneous schematics demonstrating AC systems in buildings. For Level 4 buildings these can be representative so long as they are produced to cover the full range of systems in use in the building

• Evidence of zoning shall be by way of an annotated drawing of the building identifying the zones if appropriate

• Photographic evidence of the site visit, the building construction and elements and the AC systems and components inspected. Photographs should be date stamped on the image of the photo.

• Names of any individuals who assisted the ACI in the preparation of the report (if any), and what their roles were. Confirmation that all were covered by appropriate insurance, risk assessment, and the EA can produce evidence that they meet relevant competence requirements.

• Arial view of building from Google maps or similar that clearly identifies the building and site layout to confirm orientation, or a hyperlink to the satellite view of the building.

• Evidence of zoning. This shall be by way of an annotated drawing of the building identifying the zones. In buildings with many zones, photographic evidence shall be provided to support zone classification, and system types.

• Supplementary calculations undertaken by the assessor (where applicable)

• Additional evidence required to justify the inclusion of recommendations.