It is now mandatory to lodge your air conditioning reports on the Government database operated by Landmark

As of 6 April 2012 all CIBSE Air Conditioning Inspectors must lodge their air conditioning inspection reports on the Government database operated by Landmark through CIBSE Certification's lodgement site. A guidance document is available further down in this page.

This does not apply to air conditioning inspection reports for properties in Scotland. These should be completed with the use of the relevant CCF344 or CCF345 templates, or your own template to satisfy the requirements of TM44 and passed to the client directly, as there is currently no requirement for lodgement. However, a copy of the complete report, as delivered to the client, must be emailed to CIBSE Certification as well at  This is a requirement to facilitate our QA obligations as set out in the Operating Framework for Protocol Organisations.

Download Scotland ACI Templates
Download the TM44 Addendum for Scotland

Lodgement Software - AirCon Report Software
Links to the Sterling Software and the accompanying manual: (to install software) (to install on Windows 10)
E-volve Manual (3MB PDF)

DCLG Software
Since June 2011, all CIBSE Fully Qualified and Provisionally Approved Air Conditioning Inspectors are able to download the software with which to produce air conditioning reports in a format which can be lodged on the official database.
A guidance document (CCP123) is available as a download by clicking the link below. This document contains all the necessary information on how to download, install and use the software. Click the link below to download it.

CCP123 LCEA Guidance Notes for DCLG's AirCon Report Software

Although both Fully Qualified and Provisionally Approved Air Conditioning Inspectors can download the software, only Fully Qualified Inspectors can lodge reports via the Lodgement Portal.
Please note this software will produce a report which complies with the legislation and which can be lodged on the Landmark database, CIBSE accredited Low Carbon Air Conditioning Inspectors will probably wish to provide separately a fuller report to clients which will present greater value to them in reducing their energy costs.

Air Conditioning Lodgement Credits
Air Conditioning reports can be lodged by purchasing credits by clicking on the link - 
Credits cost £35 + VAT each and includes the £9.84 Landmark fee. Discounts are available for larger quantities.
If you experience any difficulties in purchasing lodgement credits please call Kerstin Egger on 020 8772 3681.

Help and Support
If you have any problems in using the software please contact the Software Support Team by emailing
Please note that all support enquiries will be answered in the order they are received and are subject to our helpdesk service level guidelines.
We anticipate that there may be a number of calls coming in simultaneously so if you do not get an immediate response please open a Support Ticket and we will deal with them in order of receipt.