Lodging Certificates

Fully registered Low Carbon Energy Assessors can lodge energy certificates via CIBSE Certification's Lodgement Portal.

Access the live Lodgement Portal website here

Please note that the login details for the Portal changed on 1 March 2017.

  • Your login details are now the same as the login details for www.cibse.org . If you do not know/remember your username please contact CIBSE Certification via email at epc@cibsecertification.org or phone on 020 8772 3620, we will be happy to help. Please DO NOT attempt to register with www.cibse.org as this would mean that you will create a duplicate record.
  • Once logged into the Logdement Portal you can check your full profile, if your employment details and PI Insurance are out of date please email the valid information to epc@cibsecertification.org. If you need lodgement credits you can purchase them online


SBEM (EPCs) - follow this link to upgrade to the latest version: www.ncm.bre.co.uk


Check your register listing at www.ndepcregister.com


CIBSE Certification has been informed of an important update in the EPC software that will affect lodgements after the 20th November 2016.

In order to generate XML files that match the requirements of the new XSD schema, the EPCgen module for both the England and Wales (E&W) and Northern Ireland (NI) versions have been updated.

As a result, patches have been issues for the current versions of the software.

For the i-sbem users, patches are available at www.uk-ncm.org.uk. For all other 3rd party software users, we would advise you to liaise with your software providers to ensure that your software will produce the xml files Landmark would expect, with the right certificates.

Please note that all the above only affect the software running on EPCgen versions v4.1.e and v5.2.d. These changes have already been implemented on version v5.2.g software and no action is required when using this software version.

We would also like to inform you that new software versions are been published and tested with a view to go live and be mandatory for EPC lodgements after the 20th of February 2017. These are versions v4.1.g and v5.3.a, which are already available for i-sbem at www.uk-ncm.org.uk and should be available soon for all other 3rd party software vendors. The main changes in these new software version are related to Primary Energy and a couple of corrections regarding the Thermal Capacity (Kappa) value associated with walls and roofs in the Notional Building.


Updates to EPC, DEC and AC Inspections Certificates

We have been informed of some changes/improvements coming into force in the appearance and the wording on EPCs, DECs and AC Inspection Certificates.

The updates are scheduled for the 20th of November 2016.

Overview of changes:

Non-Domestic EPCs

  • Assessors can download a Welsh version of an EPC
  • Primary energy use added on page 1
  • About this document and the data in it added on page 2


  • Amendment to first paragraph of page 1

Non-Domestic Recommendations Reports

  • New paragraph in the Introduction section
  • New section “About this document and the data in it”


  • The Background sections is deleted
  • Text amended for “Other Recommendations”, “Your Recommendation Report” and “Implementing Recommendations”
  • Text amended for “Payback”, “Carbon Impact” and “Green Deal Information”
  • Complaints section is now included in the “About this document and the data in it”


  • The text of the first paragraph has been amended
  • “Administrative Information” text has been amended

Advisory Reports

  • Text added for “About this document and the data in it”


  • Advisory Reports have now been renames to Recommendations Reports
  • “Background” and “Introduction” text has been amended
  • “Other Recommendations”, “Your Recommendation Report” and “Implementing recommendations” text has been amended
  • “Disclaimer” text has been amended
  • “Complaints” are now included in the “About this document and the data in it” section
  • “Payback” and “Carbon Impact” text amended

Air Conditioning Inspection Certificates

  • Text added for “About this document and the data in it”


  • The logo on the document has been amended
  • Air Conditioning Inspection Reports


  • Text added for “About this document and the data in it”


  • The logo on the document has been amended
  • “Executive Summary” text amended

CIBSE Certification will be monitoring the changes in order to provide more details and feedback on how the above may affect the lodged reports.