Hydrogen CHP Webinar


This webinar recording focuses on the development 2G Energy has done over eight years running CHPs with 100% hydrogen.

It covers the technical changes they have made to the engine design to enable hydrogen running as well as the projects that they have delivered, and the sources of the hydrogen and environment benefits from fuel switching are also covered.


Martin Kenzie, Sales Manager, 2G Energy

Graduated Liverpool University ( JMU ) with a degree in electronics with specialism in power systems back in 1991. 2G Energy UK Sales Manager focusing on the hydrogen scaling up of the UK market and the fuel switching for engines.

Previously working for multi-national corporations and the big 6 energy firms. Worked on power generation projects for over 25 years across the globe covering everything from small scale generation to energy from waste projects. Having worked with many renewable technologies and renewable fuels from biogas, biodiesels, and pure plant oil. An advocate for hydrogen and the role it can have in decarbonising our workplaces and homes.

You can watch the full recording below:

You can access the slides from the webinar here:

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