Compliance vs Performance modelling - Repurposing a certification model for better design stage performance estimates


Transforming a certification model for better energy use estimates at design stage as per TM54 guidelines

Regulatory Compliance models are not intended as predictors of energy use, but are sometimes mistakenly used as such. While unintentional, this incorrect method interoperation of compliance calculation results is one of the main reasons of the ‘performance gap’. This phenomenon has been widely seen in the UK, but has been observed as far afield as the US and Australia.

This webinar:
- Highlighted the differences between compliance modelling and performance modelling
- Showed how a compliance model can be converted into a performance model and meet the best practice guidance given in CIBSE TM54: Evaluating Operational Energy Performance of Buildings at the Design Stage.
Speaker: Nishesh Jain, Research Fellow, UCL & KTP Associate, DesignBuilder Software Ltd
Nishesh Jain is a Research Fellow in Building Performance at the Institute of Environment Design and Engineering, University College London and a KTP Associate with DesignBuilder Software Ltd. Having an architectural background, Nishesh has expertise in energy simulation, model calibration and operational performance assessments of buildings.

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