The ‘new’ normalisation of energy data


Normalisation – “modification of data to account for changes to enable comparison of energy performance under equivalent conditions” ISO 50001:2018.

New normal – new normalisation? Presented by Andrew Geens, Head of CIBSE Certification

The use of an energy performance indicator is fundamental to any sort of energy management process as well as for monitoring the success or otherwise of any energy performance improvement project.
Normalising to account for changes from the “normal” is also fundamental to these activities.

This webinar sets out to remind us what we are doing and why we are doing it when we talk about normalisation of energy data before exploring the challenges of the “new normal”. This will be done in the context of ISO 50006:2014 - Energy management systems EnB and EnPI which was written in support of ISO 50001 but which covers the general principles widely used in industry before they were formalised as an international standard.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone involved with monitoring energy performance improvement projects post-installation as well as anyone measuring and monitoring the energy performance of buildings or processes.

Andrew Geens, Head of CIBSE Certification, is a UK expert member of the ISO working group reviewing ISO 50006:2014.

You can access the slides from the webinar here:

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