SOR Level 2 Clause 1.5.6


SOR Level Clause 1.5.6 states that “Accreditation Schemes will inform their members that data they collect under the EPBR is for the purpose of producing Energy Certificates and for no other purpose."

Specific data items from another source that become part of an EPC (as in your new build example) is not collected under the EPBR so would not fall under the requirements, however additional data collected under the EPBR for the purpose of producing an Energy Certificate would continue to be covered by the requirement that it is not to be used for any other purpose. Data collection for any other type of report (e.g., a condition survey) would need to be completed independently of data collected under the EPBR, although we accept that in the majority of cases the data would be a duplicate of that used for EPBR purposes. Use of data collected under EPBR for another purpose would be in non-compliance with this clause
Clause 1.5.6 also states that “Data obtained by the Accreditation Scheme or their members shall be confidential, where it is not covered by the requirements to provide that information to their Scheme, to the organisation or individual who has commissioned the work and for other formal requirements under the EPBR, including lodging the data on the appropriate Registers.” The only requirement is to provide a copy of the certificate to the organisation or individual who has commissioned the work. Any further sharing of EPBR data is in non-compliance with this clause, regardless of any contractual requirement the assessor has entered with an organisation or individual.