MHCLG will no longer be supporting the DCLG Air Con Report software


We have been notified that as part of the new register MHCLG will no longer be supporting the DCLG Air Con Report software. 

This will be effective from when the new register goes live which is currently planned for early September 2020. 

We would advise those of you that use the DCLG software to investigate using an alternative and start using it as soon as possible.  The common approach to all of the available software means that there will be no need to be re-assessed in the use of alternative software, you can just start using it.

As far as we are aware, there are only two other packages approved by MHCLG; E-volve by Sterling and AIRS by Quidos.

We have an arrangement with Sterling that allows assessors on our register to use their software.  The software and user manual can be downloaded from our website.

The AIRS software has a free basic version that produces an xml that could be lodged with us, or a more sophisticated version at a cost.  If you are considering using AIRS, please check with Quidos as they will be making changes to their software to facilitate the new register requirements and this information may be incorrect.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.  We would have preferred for the software to be maintained.