E-newsletter September 2015


E-newsletter September 2015

Dear Colleague,

Perhaps expectedly for the holiday period of the year, this is a fairly short issue this month.


You should have received your renewal information since I last wrote, and I am not going to be predictable and tell you all of the good reasons to renew your certification this year. I have been asked to let you know that if you plan to use a direct debit mandate for the associated discount you need to get the form in by 16th September. For the small number of you that still need to complete the Part L 2013 assessment, yes there are one or two still, the assessment is now "offline" and will not be available until about the same date, 16th September.

I hope that you like the new format of the renewal letter and checklist.

ISO 50001

We received notification from UKAS in the last week of August that our application for ISO 50001 accreditation had been successful so we are now UKAS accredited to certify Energy Management Systems. This decision has come a few weeks earlier than we were expecting, so for any of you working on implementing systems particularly with ESOS in mind, we may be able to deal with a few certification applications this side of 5th December, but you would need to contact us fairly quickly for us to be able to help.

All of the details can be foundĀ here.

Kind regards

Andrew Geens
Head of CIBSE Certification