E-newsletter June 2022


E-newsletter June 2022

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the June edition of the CIBSE Certification newsletter.

Part L 2021 Update

As you are all now aware there has been an update to Part L and as a CIBSE Certification registrant you will be required to prove your competence in the update in the way of an assessment.  

You can complete any training courses on the update if you wish and CIBSE Training are offering an online assessment that we can accept as demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the changes. They are also offering training but there is the option to just take the assessment. If your chosen training provider is also offering an assessment we can, on request, determine whether that is an acceptable alternative to the assessment offered by CIBSE Training.  

The software update training that is being offered by software vendors is useful CPD which we encourage, but it is not a substitute for the assessment that is required for ongoing registration.

As with previous changes to the Building Regulations, we are requiring all our registrants to demonstrate their ongoing knowledge and understanding. I have been asked by a few people why Air Conditioning inspectors or Heat Networks Consultants are being assessed for their knowledge of the new Building Regulations, and it is simply that in the case of air conditioning inspectors, to make sure that any recommendations that they make in their reports are made in the knowledge of minimum requirements for air conditioning kit, and for Heat Networks Consultants that they understand their interaction with the wider design team in the context of the Regulations.

A good knowledge of Building Regulations relating to energy performance is a reasonable expectation of anyone associated with a CIBSE Certification Register.​​​​

EPC Lodgements in England and Wales

Please note that with the introduction of a new version of software for the June 15th implementation of Part L in England, existing building EPC lodgements for England and Wales should be carried out using Part L 2021 software. There is no transition period. 

For newly constructed buildings in England EPC lodgements with Part L 2013 application can use Part L 2013 EPC software for the EPC lodgement of the as-built EPC. Lodgements after the 15th of June for buildings in England that complete the design stage using the new Part L 2021 Regulations will need to use the new software.

For EPC lodgements on newly constructed buildings in Wales please follow the guidance on https://gov.wales.

Renewals 2022 / 2023

Renewals are due on 1 September and to make sure that your information is correct and up-to-date please let us know if there are any changes we need to make to your records before we process your renewal. This might include:

  • Changes to home or work details, including postal address, telephone number and email address
  • Removal from a particular register

Please send any updates to epc@cibsecertification.org by 23 July.

White listing e-mail addresses

As everybody has increased security to protect against malicious emails we have noticed an increase in the number of ‘bounce-backs’ to our attempts to email our registrants important competence and compliance related notifications and news.

To ensure you receive the aforementioned emails please check that our email address epc@cibsecertification.org is allowed through to your required inbox and also info@mail.cibse.org which is a bulk email system used for sending these emails.​​

ISO 50005:2021 Eenrgy management systems -
Guideline for a phased implementation

Those of you involved with ISO 50001 might be interested in this for some of your clients. There is a free webinar approaching which has input from three of the UK team involved with the development of this standard. Details can be found on the BSI LinkedIn post.

Kind regards,

Professor Andrew Geens
BEng (Hons) PhD CEng FCIBSE
Head of CIBSE Certification