E-newsletter June 2021


E-newsletter June 2021

Dear Colleague,

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June webinar
Data preparation for input into EPC software
22 June 2021 | 14:00-15:00 (BST)​​​​​
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Prompted by a conversation with one of our Level 5 EPC assessors, “I have tried numerous other Survey Tools this is the easiest and most adaptable to use where you can draw a scale plan and add your own data”, we have arranged this webinar to share tips on data preparation for input into EPC software.

The presentation is being given by Alex Blohm of Arcsite, the survey tool in question.

I hope that you will find this interesting and useful. It is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I invited people to share good practice through our webinar series.

Reminder on new addressing protocols for Energy Certificate lodgement

The new addressing process is that you will need to create a new case in the Lodgement Portal and look for the property on the new register by conducting a postcode search.

Our Lodgement Portal will show all the entries with this postcode on the register. 

  • If the building assessed is there and the entry is available with the details being correct, the assessor should simply use these details including the UPRN entry (that can be a RRN number), assign this entry to the case and lodge the certificate. 
  • If the building assessed is there but the address details are not correct, then the assessor should use the UPRN for this entry and change the address details that need to be amended in the EPC/DEC/ACI software. The xml file produced by the software will have the UPRN that exists on the register, so that the register recognises that the lodgement is for this specific building (superseding previous lodgements for the building on the register), but the address displayed on the lodged certificate will be the amended address details entered by the assessor in the EPC/DEC/ACI software.

If the building assessed is not available on the register, then the assessor should click the blue "New Address" option, all the fields will default to blank and the assessor will be allowed to proceed. All the address details for the lodgement should be entered in the EPC/DEC/ACI software as the client would expect to see them and the UPRN field in the software should be left blank. The xml file produced should be uploaded and lodged on the register and the lodged report will display the address details entered in the EPC/DEC/ACI software.

More details can be found in document CCP113 which is available in the Downloads area of the Lodgement Portal.

New MHCLG approved Air Conditioning Software

There is a new Air Conditioning Inspection Report Software on the Government’s approved list. It is called ACE Wizard and their website is www.acewizard.co.uk/ace-wizard

Importantly, if you chose to use this software, you will be able to lodge reports with us.

Kind regards,

Professor Andrew Geens
BEng (Hons) PhD CEng FCIBSE
Head of CIBSE Certification Ltd.