E-Newsletter January 2016


E-Newsletter January 2016

Dear Colleague,

Happy New Year to you all!

CPD returns

Following a period of rest, for most, there is not a lot to report from a competence point of view from this end, but this is the time of year when we look for your input on maintaining your competence in the form of a completed CPD record for 2015. Please don't forget that you need to have 5 hours relevant to ESOS if you are on that register, and that in all cases you need to have matched your activities to your self-determined objectives.  We will be doing the annual CPD audit on the 1st of February to check that everyone on our register has demonstrated that they have maintained their competence.

ESOS feedback

As the dust is settling on the first round of ESOS, I think that it would be good to tell the world what we have been doing, in order to promote the benefits of working with CIBSE Assessors. If you can provide the data, I will generate the publicity.  By my approximation, around half of the ESOS reports produced, were the work of CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessors, so we need to get that news out.

If you could answer three questions in an e-mail to epc@cibsecertification.org with ESOS feedback in the subject line, I'll do the rest.

1 (Approximately) What %age of your work met the 5th December deadline/29th Jan extension?

2 (Approximately) What was the cumulative energy savings opportunity identified across all of your reports (£/kWh)?

3 What proportion of your customers have retained you to either implement improvement projects or to assist in energy management matters beyond the ESOS report?


Dr Andrew Geens

Head of CIBSE Certification