February 2023


E-Newsletter February 2023

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the February edition of the CIBSE Certification newsletter.

Keep your CPD record up to date

We will be conducting our annual CPD audit in February to check that your CPD record for 2022 is up to date and complies with the CIBSE Certification requirements as stated in document CCP 111 - CPD Requirements.

If your record is not updated, you will be selected for audit and may risk suspension from the registers.

Update your CPD record

Part L 2021 Update exam

The deadline to complete the Part L 2021 Update exam is 30 April 2023. In line with ISO 17024 and the SORs we are required to reassess the competence of our registrants when major changes take place in regulations and methodology. Book your exam now

This is the first major change to Part L since 2013. Part L covers building regulations for both new and existing buildings and the changes affect anyone who provides energy advice. By taking the exam and learning the most up to date building regulations, you are demonstrating your competence on this important subject to your clients and industry.  

Please note that Scotland only registrants are not required to pass this assessment.

There is no requirement to complete training before the exam, however, this may help in ensuring you pass the exam successfully. You can book a course by any training provider. 

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*Discount ends on 30 April 2023.

Book your exam now

Software competence reminder

Alongside CPD and Part L requirements, we will also be emailing LCC Simulation registrants and EPC assessors to request your updated software certificates from your software providers to demonstrate continued competency in this area. 

If you already have updated software certificates please email these to epc@cibsecertification.org

New Commercial EPC EW Conventions Issue 8

We are happy to inform our assessors that there is a new issue of the Non-Domestic EPC Conventions.

The new document comes into force on the 1 February 2023, so we recommend that all our EPC assessors familiarise themselves with the highlighted changes. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at epc@cibsecertification.org.

ESOS Phase 3

BEIS are intending to make mandatory changes in Phase 3 as per their government response to the ESOS consultation. The proposals to be adopted in Phase 3 on a mandatory basis are set out in the response to questions 2, 3, 8, 15, 20 and 21 in the Government Response and relate to:

  • A standardised template for including compliance information in the ESOS report, generally comprising ESOS information the participant should already have available
  • The reduction of the 10% De Minimis exemption to up to 5%
  • The addition of an energy intensity metric in ESOS reports
  • Requirement to share ESOS reports with subsidiaries
  • Requirement for ESOS reports to provide more information on next steps for implementing recommendations
  • Requirement for participants to set a target or action plan following the Phase 3 compliance deadline, on which they will be required to report against for Phase 4
  • Collection of additional data for compliance monitoring and enforcement

It should be noted that implementation of these requirements is subject to the Parliamentary timetable and scrutiny of the necessary primary and secondary legislation.

BEIS and the Environment Agency are also intending to work with ESOS Professional Bodies early this year to identify what changes could be made to improve the quality of ESOS audits in Phase 3 through more active monitoring of ESOS lead assessors’ work, as set out in the response to questions 11 and 12 of the Government Response.

The remainder of the changes set out in the government response will be introduced in Phase 4, including the new requirements for net zero which will be based on the ESOS PAS currently under development.

Webinar - Hydrogen and its future value

Date: Thursday, 23 February 2023, 14:00-15:00 (GMT)

Speaker: Ian Pillay, Chief Technology Officer for Accretion Energies

Ian will be breaking down and discussing what hydrogen is, its many colours, how it can be used to help combat climate change and where the industry is heading. 

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Kind regards

Sebastian Gray
Head of CIBSE Certification