December 2023


E-Newsletter December 2023

Welcome to the December edition of the CIBSE Certification newsletter.

Digital ID cards and certificates

If you have renewed your registration you should have received an email from us with a link to your digital certificate(s) and ID card.

Not received an email? Please check your inbox and junk/spam folder or contact us at

Keep your CPD record up to date

We will be conducting our annual CPD audit in the New Year and the easiest way of making sure that this has no impact on you is to ensure that your online CPD record for 2023 is up to date and complies with the CIBSE Certification requirements, as stated in document CCP 111 - CPD Requirements.

Update your CPD record

Missing address and address refinements for the Scottish EPC register

An online version of the missing address request form can now be found on the Scottish EPC Register. This new process can be used instead of sending the PDF form to the register via email and will soon completely replace the previous email process.

Energy assessors will not require a user login to access this form, but a valid membership number (assessor ID) will be required. 

Access the form now 

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process.

ESOS newsletter issue 15 - Phase 3 legislation and guidance update

Issue 15 of the ESOS newsletter provides an update from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (formerly BEIS) on Phase 3 legislation and guidance, Phase 3 changes, and ESOS workshops.

Read the full ESOS newsletter

Register of experts

Next year, CIBSE Certification plans to expand our network of experts to meet increasing demand, and to ensure our experts cover a wider geographical area across the UK. While we are looking to increase the quantity of experts across all specialisms, we particularly want to grow our pool of management system specialists to support our delivery of management system audits.

We would appreciate your assistance in promoting our registers and making it the starting point for any organisation looking for experts in building services.

You could help by following CIBSE Certification Ltd on LinkedIn and by recommending the benefits of our schemes to non-registrants. 

We are looking for ways to recognise our registrants for both participating in our schemes and for attracting new people to join our register of experts. CIBSE Certification’s “Recommend a Friend Scheme” is now under development and details will be published in our next newsletter.

Engineering expertise for accreditation

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) uses over 700 independent technical assessors on a contract basis, and they are a crucial part of the UKAS assessment process, providing essential expertise and support for the UKAS Lead Assessor including examining the validity of technical operations, appropriateness of equipment and competence of staff.

UKAS has reached out for assistance recruiting technical assessment resources to help maintain and enhance the technical integrity of accredited conformity assessment within the engineering sector. 

Visit the UKAS website for information on their current vacancies.

CIBSE Certification logos

Many of you have now updated your email signatures with the current relevant CIBSE Certification logo. 

The requirement is to add your registration number under the logo, this appears to have been omitted by some of you, so please take a minute and add it​​​​​.

LCEAs can find the marketing toolkits in the Downloads section of the Lodgement Portal, all other registrants can request the marketing toolkit from Certification by email to