E-newsletter August 2018


E-newsletter August 2018

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the August edition of our CIBSE Certification newsletter. I hope that you find the content of this newsletter useful.

Renewals 2018/19

We are currently working to make sure that you will be receiving your 2018/19 renewal notifications in the next few weeks. Please keep a look out for this in the post.

Call for Evidence - Energy Performance Certificates for buildings
The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is seeking evidence on how EPCs are currently performing against three attributes:

  • quality
  • availability
  • encouraging action to improve energy efficiency

This consultation has been informed by the PEPA workshop that some of you attended in March.

Complete the survey now.

We understand that the internet’s Certification Authorities (CA) have recently updated the root certificates which are used for authenticating and ensuring the safe transfer of data between the assessors’ computers and Landmark’s servers when checking the assessor’s accreditation credentials and software version being used in order to permit the generation of the EPC XML file. 

This update means that the bundle of CA certificates provided with iSBEM_v4.1.g, which is still in use for Northern Ireland’s compliance checking and EPCs, needs to be also updated in order to continue allowing assessors to produce EPCs in Northern Ireland. 

While users of iSBEM can freely download the certificates from the internet themselves, we have packaged them in the form of a patch which can be installed to replace the previous CA bundle inside the iSBEM folder on the user’s computer. This patch is now available for download from Northern Ireland’s page on the UK-NCM website.

Please note that the CA certificates used by iSBEM_v5.4.b, which is the current version for use in England, Wales, and Scotland, are still valid and working.
Updates to CPD Portal

The CPD portal has recently been updated to make it easier for you to view and make changes to your records. If you have any questions in regards to your CPD records please email the team at epc@cibsecertification.org

Login and update your CPD now.

Kind regards,

Professor Andrew Geens
BEng (Hons) PhD CEng FCIBSE
Head of CIBSE Certification