About CIBSE Certification

CIBSE Certification Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). Its aim is to support all of the general tenets and objectives of CIBSE by providing certification services that are required by CIBSE membership and its advisory council.

CIBSE Certification is committed to respond to the needs and expectations of its clients. CIBSE received its Royal Charter in 1976 and aims to provide best practice advice, pioneering in responding to climate change and continue to publish technical guidance thus setting standards to support our industry and clients.

CIBSE Certification is fully independent of CIBSE in terms of its governance and has policies and procedures in place to ensure all aspects of its activities are carried out in an objective, impartial and unbiased manner such that no conflict of interest is permitted, this ensures all our certification activity is fair and equitable for all applicants. This includes meeting all legislative and statutory requirements that affect the schemes.

CIBSE Certification was formed to provide an independent certification body for the approval of personnel, specifically LCCs and LCEAs. CIBSE Certification is UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited and is audited regularly.

CIBSE Certification also operates a Management Systems Certification Scheme with UKAS accreditation for ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems and ISO 9001. UKAS accreditation for ISO 14001 is currently in the application process.

Only individuals and organisations certified by CIBSE Certification are permitted to use our logos. 

For information on our impartilty policy please click here

Why choose CIBSE Certification?

CIBSE Certification can offer a wealth of knowledge in building services.

We aim to provide a quality service to all applicants. Certifying knowledgeable practitioners in the industry offering them technical support, software support, entrance to both the CIBSE LCC and LCEA registers, on-going marketing of our assessors, competitive rates for lodgements, international recognition, membership and quality assurance.  More about becoming an LCC or LCEA.

In order to practice as an energy assessor with CIBSE Certification you also need to meet the requirements to register as a CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant which gives you a distinct advantage in a competitive market.  Not all energy assessors will meet the requirements of becoming a Low Carbon Consultant, so you could say that it is the Energy Assessors that CIBSE certify that make CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors the best.