What is a Green Deal Advisor?


What is a Green Deal Advisor?

Green Deal Advisors will identify areas within buildings where improvements can be made and will produce a Green Deal Advice Report.

What is a Green Deal Advice Report?

An assessment of energy efficiency improvements based on the actual occupancy of the building.

Certificate of Competence for Green Deal Advisors

Following extended consultation with key stakeholders, CIBSE Certification is pleased to announce that they are now offering assessment for certifying competence as a Green Deal Advisor.  To cover this activity CIBSE Certification has applied to UKAS for an extension of scope to their current ISO 17024 accreditation.

Become a Green Deal Advisor

Who can apply?

If you are already an existing EPC assessor with CIBSE Certification, or any other scheme and would like to be assessed for a certificate of competence as a Green Deal Advisor please complete the application form. Your application will need to be supported by evidence of appropriate competence and Green Deal Advisor reports.
If you are not already an EPC assessor with CIBSE Certification, or any other scheme, and are interested in becoming certified as a Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor, the first step will be to complete the LCEA EPC Assessor application and LCC element of our certification programme.  Following this you can apply to extend your certification to include Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor competence by completing the application formand providing supporting evidence of an appropriate competence assessment and Green Deal Advice reports.

Other information

Please click here for the NOS that forms the basis of the application.

CCSDD 206 Scheme Description Certified Competent Green Deal Advisor Rev 1 (PDF)


There is a one off assessment fee of £300 + VAT for the assessment of the application form and additional Green Deal Advice Report.
Please click here if you would like to book a place on the Green Deal Advisor competence assessment provided by CIBSE Training and Events.