Public Service Buildings

Getting a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for a building from which a public service is offered?

Since January 2013 Display Energy Certificates (DECs) need to be prominently displayed in buildings over 500m2 that are occupied by public authorities or institutions providing a public service. DECs for buildings over 500m2 - 1000m2 have a 10 year validity.

This regulation is intended to achieve improvements to the energy efficiency of public buildings since these are unlikely to be let or sold and therefore won''t be scrutinised during the production of an energy performance certificate (EPC).

Buildings affected include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Tax Offices
  • Public Leisure Centres
  • Universities
  • Charities which receive public funding and visited by the public

To see if your building requires a DEC download this CLG guidance and also see our display energy certificate page

A DEC can only be provided by a suitably certified individual. You can either buy in the services of an certified person or become certified yourself